Thermostats have come a long way from the analog boxes that relied on shifting mercury and manual temperature changes. Today’s digital, wireless-enabled thermostats are in a league of their own. Even in this world of high-tech system controls, one model stands out from the rest. Meet the Infinity Touch Control from Carrier.

Programmable Settings Plus

When it comes to programming temperatures, the Infinity Touch Control thermostat surpasses the norm. Naturally, it has a smart seven-day schedule with home, away, sleep and awake options for each zone. Then, there’s a simple override button and a vacation mode. This is where the Infinity Touch is different than other thermostats. In tandem with Infinity HVAC products equipped with Greenspeed technology, the Infinity Touch knows exactly how much power to use and when to begin temperature ramp ups based on the duration of the away period and current temperatures.

Multi-Zone Controls

One thermostat controls temperatures in eight custom-named zones using remote sensors and a series of in-duct dampeners that restrict airflow. Of course, the Infinity Touch Control works just as well in homes with one or two zones, too.

Equipment Compatibility

The Infinity Touch helps you get the most from your Carrier heating and cooling equipment, especially if you have a hybrid heating system that uses a heat pump and a furnace. In addition to using just enough power to maintain ideal temperatures, the Infinity Touch knows when it’s more efficient to run the furnace or if the heat pump can do the job. When temperature swings hit Pensacola, the thermostat will seamlessly switch between heating and cooling modes.

Control Freak Accuracy

The Infinity Touch can control all of your heating, cooling and indoor air quality products. It’ll even track your energy use and reduce consumption during peak hours to maximize savings. The thermostat constantly monitors temperatures and air flow across multiple zones. It’s compatible with ventilators, air cleaners, humidifiers and most Carrier Infinity products.

On-Board Diagnostics and Maintenance Reminders

Did you change the air filter recently? Your Infinity Touch thermostat knows the answer. The system provides reminders on a fixed schedule, but it can also respond to actual conditions with the addition of a TrueSense filtration monitor. Plus, if anything goes wrong, the thermostat will notify you and our technicians will use the information to diagnose the problem.

Brains and Beauty

The Infinity Touch is sleek, smart and easy to use. This model has a large touchscreen display with silver, white or black faceplates to match your decor. The unit receives power from your equipment, so it never needs batteries. If the power goes out, the thermostat will remember your personalized settings for nine hours.

Programmable thermostats can cut your annual energy bills by 10 percent or about $180. The Infinity Touch Control can do even more. Contact All Seasons Service Network today to learn more about the Infinity Touch Control and other innovative products from Carrier.