Keeping your HVAC system in peak condition can save you money and prevent unexpected breakdowns during the heat of the summer months in Pensacola, Florida. The U.S. Department of Energy website outlines some of the most common problems that can affect your air conditioner. A full AC pan may indicate serious issues that could potentially stop your air conditioning system in its tracks. Here are some facts every Florida homeowner should know about overflowing AC pans and their possible negative effects on the performance of your HVAC system.

A Blocked Condensate Drain Is Usually the Culprit

In most cases, excess water in your AC pan is caused by a blockage in the drain or the line that normally carries the water directly to the outside of your home. A crack or leak in this system can also cause water to leak onto floors or inside your air conditioner, creating added problems that will require professional help to resolve.

Standing Water Can Promote Mold Growth

Issues with your condensate drain can allow the growth of mold and mildew in your HVAC system to cause serious indoor air quality problems for you and your family. Calling an AC service professional as soon as you notice water leaking from under your cooling unit can prevent mold from building up in your system, wall, or floor, and can protect your family against respiratory issues associated with this dangerous substance.

Regular Maintenance Can Prevent Permanent Damage

If left uncorrected, a blocked condensate drain can cause severe damage to your air conditioning system. Scheduling regular spring and fall maintenance visits from an established HVAC service company can ensure that developing problems with your system are identified quickly and repaired promptly.

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