The summer in Pensacola, Florida, has been as wet and wild as you’d expect of a beach-side community along the Gulf Coast. Pensacola recorded its second rainiest June in history this year, with much of that due to flooding caused by Tropical Storm Cindy. Take the time to make sure your AC is operating efficiently.

Check and Change Your HVAC Filter

If you haven’t already changed your HVAC filter once this summer, now’s the time. While an HVAC filter helps improve indoor air quality by removing harmful particles from the air, its main purpose is to protect your AC so it operates at peak efficiency. Remember to check your filter monthly, and change it at least every three months.

Ensure Your Ceiling Fans Rotate the Right Way

Operating a ceiling fan in an empty room wastes energy, but the wind chill effect it provides when you’re sitting in a room will cool you down and lessen your air conditioner’s workload. In the summer, remember to make sure the ceiling fan blades are rotating in a counterclockwise to facilitate cool downward airflow. Remember to dust your fans, too!

Invest in Professional AC Maintenance

Although homeowners can complete other HVAC maintenance tasks on their own, like checking the condensate line for clogs, it’s always best to leave a full tuneup to a professional service technician. A preventive maintenance plan takes it a step further by ensuring your system is taken care of all year. Its biggest benefits include:

  • Improved operational efficiency and extended lifespan
  • Deep discounts on repair services and inflation protection
  • 24-hour emergency HVAC services by certified service technicians

Wet and humid conditions can lead to an uncomfortable home environment if your air conditioner isn’t working properly. For more information about reducing your home’s humidity, or if you’re ready to invest in air conditioning maintenance today, read on to learn why attic ventilation is important or contact All Seasons Service Network at (850) 637-8479 to speak with a live comfort consultant. Our team looks forward to improving your air conditioning efficiency.