Do you suffer from seasonal allergies, even indoors? Buildings are sealed tight to promote energy efficiency, but insufficient indoor ventilation allows allergens to reach higher concentrations than the pollen counts outside. Don’t despair. Innovative products are available to help you get through another Tallahassee allergy season without spending all your money on tissues. These products improve indoor air quality by destroying allergens or reducing their numbers. You’ll still have to deal with pollen outdoors, but these products can make your home an allergen-free sanctuary:

Invest in Carrier’s Infinity® Air Purifier

This award-winning product boasts state-of-the-art Capture and Kill™ technology that collects up to 95 percent of airborne allergens and zaps them with an electrical charge. Working with your HVAC system, it traps 13 different pathogens including dander, bacteria, pollen and smoke.

Use High-efficiency Air Filters

Air filters that you use in your air conditioner are available with MERV ratings from 1 to 20; the higher the rating, the more effective the filter. Filters in the 9 to 12 range can catch up to 98 percent of irritants including dust mites, pollen, mold spores and dander.

Install Carrier Performance™ Ultraviolet Germicidal UV Lights

Air contaminants, and bacteria can flourish in your air conditioner. Not only can they restrict airflow and reduce energy efficiency, but they can also become airborne for you to breathe in. Carrier UV lamps destroy mold and other fungi; they keep indoor air quality high and airflow obstructions caused by particulates low.

Add an Energy Recovery Ventilator to Your HVAC

Carrier energy recovery ventilators bring fresh, clean air into your home while removing stale indoor air. They reduce the concentration of airborne allergens without losing energy or overworking your air conditioner.

To learn more about how state-of-the-art products can protect your Tallahassee home from contaminants that keep you sniffling, visit All Seasons Service Network or call 850-637-8479.