Whether due to improper installation, poor maintenance or normal wear, your AC can operate inefficiently or breakdown for a number of reasons. According to our stats in Pensacola, Florida, here are six of the most common AC repairs.

Your AC Unit Isn’t Cooling Effectively

Low or Leaking Refrigerant

If your AC unit is low on refrigerant, it was either undercharged during an improper installation or it has a leak. The refrigerant’s charge should match the manufacturer’s specification – not undercharged or overcharged – to ensure efficient operation. To repair a refrigerant leak the right way, contact a professional HVAC service technician.

Issues With Drainage

High humidity levels in Pensacola, Florida, can contribute to a clogged drain line. When it’s hot and humid outside, check the condensate drain to ensure it isn’t clogged and that it’s draining properly. To repair a clogged drain, you can either pour a special solution into it or use a Shop-Vac. Consult an HVAC service technician before proceeding.

Your AC Unit Isn’t Turning On

Failed Electric Control

Your AC unit’s compressor and fan controls deteriorate over time, especially if the system frequently cycles on and off, which is common when it’s oversized. Corroded terminals and wiring can also lead to a failed electric control. When performing maintenance, make sure the electrical connections and contacts are thoroughly checked.

Failed Thermostat

If your AC unit isn’t turning on or cooling effectively, check your thermostat settings. If it isn’t working, it might need new batteries or replacing. If it’s the latter, consider investing in a programmable thermostat, which helps homeowners conserve more energy and save more money on their utility bills without manual operation.

Your AC Unit Isn’t Producing Adequate Airflow

Dirty Air Filter or Damaged Ductwork

A clogged air filter can restrict air from flowing freely in your system. To avoid this issue, check your air filter monthly. If you change it and still notice operational issues, the next step is to contact a professional HVAC service technician to inspect your ductwork. Leaking or clogged air ducts will result in limited air flow and higher than usual utility bills.

For more information about how maintenance helps prevent breakdowns and repairs, read to learn about our preventative service plans. If you’re experiencing any one of the aforementioned problems with your air conditioning system in Pensacola, Florida, or the surrounding communities, contact All Seasons Service Network at (850) 637-8479.