Technology makes life easier. Now, it can save you money. Energy-efficient innovations have greatly improved the performance of heat pumps and air conditioners. This HVAC technology can reduce your cooling and heating costs significantly. If you’re shopping for a replacement system, here’s what you should know about these new and improved features.

HVAC Technology for Comfort and Efficiency

At All Seasons Service Network, we’ve watched heating and cooling systems change dramatically over the past 50 years. Now, you can adjust your smart thermostat or turn off the house lights from wherever you are. Even if you aren’t a fan of these bells and whistles, these features will lower your energy bills and improve your comfort. The three most important advances are multi-stage compressors, variable-speed air handlers and smart thermostats.

Benefits of High-efficiency HVAC Equipment

  • Dual-stage and variable-speed compressors run at lower capacities to save you money. These systems are quieter, so you can enjoy a peaceful indoor environment.
  • Variable-speed fans work in concert with modulating compressors to provide optimal airflow. If your HVAC system has a variable-speed air handler, the motor can speed up or slow down according to you heating or cooling needs.
  • A properly sized variable-speed system may run during 85 percent of the day. These longer cooling cycles also excel at removing the coastal humidity in Pensacola and Milton.
  • Mid-range and top-of-the-line models give you the option to adjust the airflow rate for improved indoor air quality and humidity control.
  • Smart thermostats use proprietary algorithms to select the most efficient heating and cooling settings. You can access and adjust the thermostat remotely. These products can also function as a home automation bridge.

Replacing Your Air Conditioning System

As a Carrier factory-authorized dealer, it’s our business to stay current on the latest HVAC technology. If you’re interested in replacing your heat pump, you can learn more about our selection of Carrier equipment online, or you can request a quote by calling All Seasons Service Network at 850-637-8479.