Summer weather in Pensacola, FL, is hot and humid, and local residents depend on their air conditioner or heat pump to keep the indoor environment comfortable and dehumidified. Modern AC systems are manufactured to provide years of exceptional service, but even the best built units must be replaced eventually. Here are the most common signs that it may be time to consider purchasing a new energy efficient central air conditioning system or heat pump.

Your Utility Costs Keep Rising

Air conditioners are made to last, but internal components take a beating in severe summer weather. Coils become clogged and less efficient, which can steadily raise your utility costs. Advanced Carrier heat pumps and air conditioners offer exceptional efficiencies up to 21 SEER. When installed by the professionals at All Seasons, you’ll enjoy better comfort and lower operating costs all summer long.

AC or Heat Pump Repair Costs Keep Mounting

Air conditioning and heat pump repairs are expensive, and the inconvenience of dealing with a broken unit can be very aggravating. As older units lose efficiency, they must run longer cycles to keep your home cool. Not only does this add additional wear to vital components, but it also raises monthly operating costs. In many instances, the difference in repair costs and utility savings can pay for a new high efficiency Carrier air conditioner over time.

Your Home Always Feels Humid

Your AC system plays an important role in dehumidifying your home in the summer. If humidity levels are too high, you’ll probably adjust the thermostat to compensate. Excess moisture can lead to mold growth, which can aggravate respiratory conditions in those who suffer from allergies and asthma. A properly sized air conditioning unit will help keep your home healthy and comfortable all summer long.

Complete AC Services

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