Despite the sunny climate in Florida, most households still use a heater during the winter to stay warm and toasty. In many homes, that heat is supplied by the same HVAC equipment that keeps everyone cool during the summer. That’s the magic of heat pumps. They can provide both heating and cooling for year-round comfort. Since they work best in warm-weather climates, they’re a great choice for residential HVAC systems in the Sunshine State.

Energy-Saving Operation

Heat pumps operate on the principle that it takes less energy to move heat than make it. Rather than generating heat directly, they simply move heat from one location to another. The system uses refrigerant to accomplish this technological feat:

  • As the liquid refrigerant evaporates into a gas, it absorbs heat from the surrounding air.
  • In the summer, the collected heat is carried to an outdoor unit where it’s dispersed into the air.
  • The system reverses operation during the winter, drawing heat from the air outside and transferring it indoors.

Even when temperatures approach freezing, a heat pump can extract a surprising amount of heat from outdoor air. Unlike in cold-weather regions, a backup heater is rarely needed. Florida residents can rely exclusively on these units for warmth and comfort.

Superior Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps can keep you comfortable for as little as one-fourth of the cost of conventional heating and cooling systems. If you’re currently using a furnace or electric heater, you can expect to save even more. Switching to an all-in-one heat pump can lower your electricity bill for heating by around 50 percent. As with all HVAC systems, seasonal maintenance is the key to optimizing energy efficiency. Well-maintained pumps use up to 25 percent less energy than neglected ones.

For 50 years, All Seasons Service Network has been providing money-savings comfort solutions throughout the Pensacola area. Whether you prefer a heat pump or a furnace for winter warmth, we’re here to meet your needs. To learn more, explore our full range of heating services or call 850-637-8479 today.