A new generation of heating and cooling systems delivers exceptional comfort and energy efficiency. Rather than running full blast, they use variable speed motors to provide flexible levels of cooling. Take a look at some of the benefits to see why this technology of using a variable speed motor is a win-win for homeowners in Pensacola.

Benefits of Variable Speed Heat Pumps

Conventional HVAC units have two settings. They’re either running, or they aren’t. That has changed. New variable speed compressors help your air conditioner adapt to actual conditions. This amps up your comfort and dials down your energy use. It’s one of the biggest advances in heating and cooling.

  • Variable speed products deliver impressive energy savings. With SEER ratings as high as 22, they are 40 to 50 percent more energy efficient than older 10-SEER systems.
  • By running at lower capacities, Trane’s TruComfort HVAC systems remove more humidity. This reduces the amount of cooling that you need to feel comfortable.
  • Slower air speeds provide superior dehumidification and filtration. High-end systems let you control your indoor air quality settings from your thermostat.
  • Running at lower capacities minimizes mechanical wear and tear, which helps your system last longer. It also prevents spikes in energy use when your air conditioner starts.
  • This technology reduces uncomfortable temperature swings. These units keep your home within half a degree of the set point.

How Variable Speed Motors Work

Fully variable HVAC systems operate at incremental capacities between 40 and 100 percent. Generally, they run at full capacity just 20 percent of the time, which saves you heaps of money. Variable frequency drives and inverters control the airflow rate, fan speed and refrigerant flow by manipulating the electrical current. That’s the secret behind their impressive performance.

Variable speed technology lowers your energy bills and enhances your comfort at home. To learn more, check out our heat pump product page online, or call All Seasons Service Network at (850) 434-0384.