Energy savings is one of the most pressing issues of the ongoing increase in average temperatures, and Florida is one of the most vulnerable states in this regard. What this means for homeowners in the Sunshine State is that they have to make the most our of energy efficiency for the purpose of staying cool during the hot summer months.

Maintenance is the First Step Towards Energy Use and Efficiency

Here’s what you need to do when temperatures start to rise: turn on your air conditioner and make some observations. Is there a knocking noise coming from the compressor? Does the air circulate unevenly? Does the ventilation leave a musty smell?

If you answer yes to any of the questions mentioned above, you are in need of air conditioning service. Failure to maintain your A/C will result in the opposite of energy savings; you may end up having to pay a lot just to stay cool.

Keeping Cool Air Inside

Air conditioning service focuses on more than just the unit. The HVAC profession these days takes on an environmental approach to energy efficiency, which starts with the exterior of the home.

Florida homeowners who purchased their properties within planned communities in recent years may notice that the landscaping provides shade; this is intrinsic to cooling. Detecting and eliminating air leaks is equally important; in Florida, this does not mean that a home should be sealed tightly. Efficient cooling requires some fresh air to help with clean air circulation.

Improve Efficiency with a Smart Thermostat

Another important aspect of professional air conditioning service involves installing the right thermostat. Whenever possible, homeowners should choose modern, smart thermostats even if they cost a little more than the traditional ones. Smart thermostats are not simply programmable units; they can also learn about lifestyle patterns to adjust settings and boost savings.

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