Keeping indoor air quality high is important year-round, but winter heating can create special challenges you don’t typically face the rest of the year. Mastering these challenges is simple with a little help from today’s advanced IAQ technology. Here are a few solutions to some common issues the winter season brings:

Humidification Makes Dry Winter Air Healthier and More Comfortable

While Pensacola winters are generally fairly mild, we do get our fair share of cold nights when temperatures drop to freezing or below. During these times, our HVAC systems run more often, and if they happen to be forced air systems, they gradually begin removing the moisture from our indoor air until it’s just dry enough to make breathing uncomfortable. A few symptoms of dry indoor air are dry eyes, a stuffy nose, a dry cough, and a tickle in the throat. If you find that you and your family are experiencing these symptoms during the colder winter days, humidification can moisten those dry mucous membranes, increasing comfort while making you less susceptible to viruses.

Heat Recovery Ventilation Brings Fresh Air In While Moving Stale Air Out

A heat recovery ventilator can be your answer to the problem of not being able to air out the house during cold winter weather. When it’s too cold outside to open your windows, you can use this innovative piece of modern IAQ technology to move fresh air in and pollutants out while retaining the warmth that your HVAC system provides.

Air Purification Makes Indoor Air Safer and More Breathable in Winter

Whatever indoor pollutants are left behind when your ventilator replaces the contaminated air with fresher outdoor air would certainly benefit from treatment by an air purification system. Today’s air cleaners are state-of-the-art units that handle this task effectively.

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