An air conditioner represents a sizeable investment when it needs to be replaced. An ineffective system might seem to leave you without any remedy other than an upgrade. However, you don’t have to panic just yet because there are some rather simple steps that can be taken to maximize the cooling effectiveness of your existing unit before you consider that possible replacement system.

DIY AC and Heat Pump Maintenance

Some of the most basic efforts to improve the cooling performance of your equipment are also extremely affordable. Your home environment can be affected by issues such as leaks, restrictions of airflow, and debris infiltrating your HVAC equipment. These matters may be serious enough to require professional support, but before you call a pro, address the following DIY maintenance items:

  • Filter upkeep – a clean air filter promotes more efficient cooling in your home, but a clogged air filter can add 5 percent or more to your energy demands while reducing the cooling ability of your system. Change your filter frequently to avoid air restrictions.
  • Clean coils – outside condenser coils can be sprayed with a gentle stream of water to remove dust, debris, and other materials. You can use your soft brush attachment for the vacuum to remove debris from your evaporator coils in the air handler. This promotes better airflow and efficiency.
  • Efficient home envelope – heat can be absorbed through leaks, windows, and doors. Air sealing can facilitate better cooling results, and window treatments can also be used to promote cooler conditions.
  • ENERGY STAR thermostat settings – recommended programming can maximize your energy results by ensuring that setting changes occur on a consistent and deliberate basis to curb wasteful HVAC activity.

When to Seek Professional AC and Heat Pump Maintenance

To ensure ongoing optimum performance from your air conditioner, you should schedule maintenance for your air conditioning unit. If you have a heat pump, you should schedule professional maintenance for both spring and fall months to ensure that you are prepared for seasonal changes. You can read more about our preventive maintenance solutions, or you can call our office at 850-637-8479 to schedule.