Because an air conditioning system is such an important factor in a Florida home, it is important to invest wisely as you look for the right replacement. The impact of heat and humidity during the summer months can take a toll on both your body and your budget, making energy efficiency one of the top issues to consider as you evaluate AC options. Technology is another important consideration as today’s systems often allow for integration through smartphone or computer apps. Following are some important factors to keep in mind as you make your decision.

Technology and Efficiency

If your prior air conditioning system reached its potential life of 14 to 15 years, then today’s minimum energy efficiency standards will typically far surpass those of your older equipment. This translates to lower energy bills and greater comfort levels. However, the upper levels of energy efficiency can provide you with even greater savings options, making it wise to balance the costs of a high-efficiency unit with the potential savings you can expect to achieve.

The use of smart thermostats with high-efficiency air conditioners also enables you to customize your usage patterns, making it possible to maximize your savings as you tailor operating times and temperatures to the habits of your household. Touchscreen thermostats are available and can provide an intuitive experience as you make necessary adjustments.

Maintenance Recommendations

Air conditioning equipment can lose an estimated 5 percent in efficiency levels during just one season of operation. However, you can counteract this loss by scheduling regular AC maintenance visits prior to the beginning of the summer cooling season. Air filter changes are also important as a clogged filter can reduce efficiency levels significantly while creating a risk of damage to your equipment. You can learn more about our selection of high-efficiency air conditioners online, or you can call All Seasons Service Network at 850-637-8479 to schedule an estimate on a new system.