Summer weather in the local area is hot and humid, and a reliable central air conditioner is a necessity to keep the environment inside your home comfortable and healthy. If your AC equipment is not working properly, you’ll want to address the problem quickly. Before arranging for an air conditioning service call, there are several items you can check first to help save money and accelerate the repair process.

Checking for Simple Problems

  • Thermostat: The most common cause of inadequate cooling involves the thermostat. Some thermostats must be manually changed to the cooling mode every year. Many thermostat problems relate to the temperature setting itself. If your thermostat is set higher than 78 degrees, you will probably not feel comfortable inside your home.
  • Filters: Dirty filters restrict the airflow, which dramatically reduces the efficiency of the energy transfer process. Filters should be changed on a monthly basis during the summer.
  • Condenser: Your outdoor condensing unit must remain free of accumulated debris to properly exhaust warm indoor air. Make sure the metal grid around the coil is cleaned regularly to maximize efficiency.

Checking for More Complex Problems

  • Inadequate Refrigerant: Low or leaking refrigerant will severely degrade the efficiency of the refrigeration cycle. The copper refrigerant suction line between the condenser and the indoor unit should be cold to the touch when the unit is running.
  • Tripped Circuit Breaker: Central air conditioners run on high voltage, so a tripped breaker can be indicative of a serious electrical problem. Only reset the breaker once before calling a qualified technician.
  • Compressor: You can determine if your compressor has failed by listening to the condensing unit when the thermostat calls for cooling. If you hear the motor attempt to start repeatedly without actually engaging, the compressor has likely seized.

Call the AC Repair Specialist

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