An inexpensive way to minimize breakdowns and ensure consistent performance of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit is to keep it well-maintained. HVAC maintenance plans include a tune-up for the AC in the spring and the furnace in the fall. Tune-ups ensure your unit is ready to meet the demands of Pensacola weather.

Elements of HVAC Maintenance

A tune-up performed by a certified technician examines all elements of the system, including:

  • Check refrigerant levels.
  • Clean or replace air filter.
  • Calibrate thermostat.
  • Clean coils.
  • Inspect electrical connections and measure voltage.
  • Lubricate fans and other moving parts.
  • Clean drain pan and condensate pipe.
  • Ensure unit cycles properly.
  • Test pressure.
  • Inspect ductwork for leaks and poor joins.

For the furnace, tune-ups include:

  • Inspect and clean ignition and burners.
  • Test for dangerous gases.
  • Inspect heat exchanger and plenum.

Preventive maintenance identifies small problems before they become major. Completing minor air conditioning repairs as they are identified lowers the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns and keeps you and your loved ones comfortable throughout the year.

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

Heating and air conditioning account for almost 50 percent of the energy used in a typical American home. Simply cleaning the air filter can reduce heating and cooling energy usage by up to 15 percent. As efficiency declines, performance also declines. Eventually, the unit stops working. Replacing a compressor is more expensive than the cost of seasonal maintenance.

Most manufacturers require seasonal maintenance to keep warranties valid. Tune-ups also extend the life of equipment. Well-maintained equipment requires fewer repairs. Best of all, it gives you peace of mind knowing that your HVAC system is in the hands of experienced professionals.

Annual HVAC Maintenance Plans

All Seasons Service Network offers annual maintenance plans for residential and commercial customers. Agreements include two tune-ups a year as well as discounts on repairs. In addition, agreements are transferable. If you sell your home, the agreement can be assigned to the new owner.

For more information about selecting an annual maintenance plan that suits your needs and budget, call (850) 434-0384 to talk to one of our licensed technicians.