Pensacola winters are mild. However, it only takes one polar vortex to remind us that even in Florida, winter can pack a wicked punch. If your heat pump is over ten years old and no longer working like it used to, you might want to replace it now instead of waiting for it to fail just as an icy winter blast moves into the Sunshine State.

How Old Is Your Heating System?

The average lifespan of a heat pump is 10-15 years. Well-maintained units may last for up to 15 years, and heat pumps on the market today can last even longer. As heating systems age, they require more frequent and more expensive repairs. They stop performing like they used to, they cost more to operate, and they are more likely to break down just when you need them most.

Are Your Energy Bills Mysteriously Increasing?

The older the heat pump, the less efficient it becomes. An aging heating system will require more energy every year to provide the same comfort level as in prior years. If your electric bills are going up but your usage remains the same, an elderly, ailing heat pump may be to blame. Replacing it with a high-efficiency model will reduce your energy costs significantly from day one.

Does Your Heat Pump Make Strange Noises?

Unusual noises in an older HVAC system can spell trouble. A noisy heat pump is often the first sign that the unit needs replacement. Does your heat pump buzz, screech, grind, squeal, thump, rattle, bang or clank? Don’t assume that because the system still works, everything is okay. Strange noises can mean that system components are wearing out. Replacing or repairing these components can be a waste of money in an older, inefficient system, especially when you could invest that money in a state-of-the-art, high-efficiency system.

Heat pump installation can be expensive, but a new system with a high HSPF rating will perform with maximum energy efficiency and can greatly reduce your heating and cooling costs. To qualify for federal tax credits of up to $300 in addition to other Pensacola, FL, heat pump rebates and incentives, check out the Specials Page at All Seasons Service Network or call 850-637-8479.