As summer approaches, Pensacola residents may begin to turn their thoughts toward outdoor activities, but it is also important to consider the height of summer and the need for reliable air conditioning. The community’s cooling cost index is three times higher than the national index, and your air conditioning equipment is likely to get a good workout in the coming months. Spring is the time to do the prep work for warmer weather to ensure that you have reliable performance and manageable utility bills this summer.

Filter Management

One of the simplest steps to prepare your system for the warm weather is a change of air filter. Your filter’s chief responsibility is to protect the interior of your air handler, the location at which the heat exchange process changes the temperature of your indoor air supply. When dirt infiltrates this area, your efficiency levels can decrease significantly. A dirty filter doesn’t protect your system very well, and it can add to the energy needed to move air through your home. In fact, your home comfort energy usage could be increased by up to 15 percent. Make it a point to start the season with a clean air filter in place, and check regularly throughout the summer to ensure that you are enabling your equipment to perform optimally.

Outside Equipment Condition

Your condenser unit, the outside portion of your air conditioner, can be affected by dirt and debris. Spring is the time to clear any weeds, leaves, or other debris that may be encroaching on the area in which your condenser is located. Additionally, you can spray the unit down to remove excessive levels of dirt from the inside coils. Use a gentle spray to avoid damaging the interior.

Planned Air Conditioner Maintenance

Various portions of your air conditioner can add to your cooling costs when they are poorly maintained. For example, low refrigerant levels, a sign of a leak, can add 20 percent or more to the cooling energy used in your home. With already high cooling costs, you don’t want to ignore an inadequate refrigerant supply. Further, low refrigerant can lead to stress for your compressor, which could reduce the life of your system.

The inside and outside coils together can result in up to 30 percent in energy loss because of the impact on the heat exchange process. As refrigerant moves through the system, these coils provide the locations at which heat is removed from your indoor air and at which the heat is released into the outside environment. Layers of dirt can prevent an effective heat exchange process from taking place, but annual cleaning can ensure that your system is able to cool your home effectively.

As you prepare for the summer, All Seasons Service Network is pleased to assist with your maintenance needs. We are available to assist with planned maintenance, and we can also assist with recommendations for advanced thermostats, repair support, and new equipment planning. Learn more as you read about our air conditioner maintenance plans or by calling our Pensacola office at 850-637-8479.