Considering the dozens of parts that make up an HVAC system, an air filter may seem relatively insignificant. When it comes to saving money, however, keeping it clean is the most important maintenance task you can perform for your Pensacola, FL HVAC system. Dirty filters obstruct airflow, forcing your system to operate for longer periods to keep you comfortable. A clean HVAC filter safeguards your wallet against unexpected expenses, and they can help keep the air you breathe healthier too.

Energy Efficiency

Air filters have an enormous impact on the overall efficiency of your heating or cooling system. Their performance depends on their ability to trap contaminants without interfering with airflow. A clogged filter makes it harder for the equipment to reach and maintain ideal temperatures without sending energy bills soaring. Replacing filters whenever they’re dirty can reduce energy consumption by up to 15 percent.

Equipment Protection

A filter that’s too dirty to its job allows contaminants to bypass the filter altogether. That causes damaging dirt and pollutants to accumulate on critical HVAC components. The corrosive effect of these contaminants can lead to system malfunctions and failures. Your heating and cooling systems will last longer and need fewer repairs when you keep the HVAC filters clean.

Indoor Air Quality

Dirty filters allow pollutants to circulate freely through your home, impacting indoor air quality. Airborne particulates can include allergens like pollen, dust mites and animal dander that can trigger allergy symptoms. Infectious bacteria and viruses can get caught up in the mix too. Clean HVAC filters can’t block out every contaminant, but they can help everyone breathe healthier air.

Dirt and neglect are the primary causes of heating and cooling system breakdowns. In addition to keeping filters clean, it’s important to schedule regular heater and AC maintenance. At All Seasons Service Network, our precision tune-ups keep HVAC systems throughout the Pensacola, FL area in peak condition. To learn more, explore our maintenance services section or call 850-637-8479.