Your furnace provides much-needed warmth for you and your family during the winter months. When this vital piece of equipment breaks down, it is usually at the least convenient moment. With January temperatures in Pensacola falling into the low 40s, investing in regular heating maintenance is essential to ensure comfort inside your home. When your furnace does go out on a cold winter night, here are three proven troubleshooting tips that may help you resolve heating repair problems more quickly.

Is Your Pilot Light Out?

Many older furnaces operate by using a thermocouple to control gas flow and shut off fuel when the pilot light goes out. In some cases, relighting the pilot light is all that is required to restore heat and comfort to your home. Competent do-it-yourselfers may also be able to replace the thermocouple; however, consulting with a professional heating repair company is usually your best bet when your pilot light will not stay lit.

Did a Circuit Breaker Trip?

Newer furnaces typically use an electronic system that uses electricity to start the ignition cycle. If no power flows to the furnace, many of its functions will not operate properly. In some cases, the power switch to your furnace may have been switched off accidentally; a tripped circuit breaker may also be responsible for the loss of power to your system. Checking to ensure that electricity is reaching your furnace may save you the cost of a repair trip.

Is Your Filter Dirty?

Replacing your air filters should be part of your regular heating maintenance routine. This simple step can improve your indoor air quality while improving the performance of your HVAC system. Dirty air filters can cause issues with sensors that can shut down your entire system. Replacing these components and resetting your furnace can sometimes bring a dead system back to life.

The HVAC experts at All Season Service Network can provide you with top-quality emergency service even on the coldest winter nights. Our professional technicians can identify the problem quickly and provide you with cost-effective ways to address it to restore warmth and comfort to your Pensacola home. To learn more about our full lineup of furnace repair and replacement services, give us a call at 850-637-8479. We are here to serve your heating and cooling needs.