Heat pumps function as both a furnace and air conditioner. However, they use far less energy than conventional heating and cooling systems. Although electricity powers the blowers that push conditioned air into a building, fuel is not used to heat and cool. Instead, heat is transferred from warm to cool places.

How Heat Pumps Work

These devices operate on the same principle as a refrigerator. A liquid routed through tubing absorbs heat. As the hot liquid expands, it changes to a gas. The gas passes through a compressor. Here, it begins to lose heat. Finally, it is routed to the condenser, where the refrigerant cools and liquefies.

Troubleshooting During Cooler Weather

The moderate winters of Pensacola, Florida, are ideal for this technology. However, sometimes problems arise when temperatures drop below freezing.

If the unit does not seem to be producing a stream of warm air, check the thermostat. If the thermostat shows the set temperature, the unit is probably working properly. In contrast to conventional furnaces, you should not feel gusts of hot air or cold spots in a room. Instead, these systems run longer, resulting in evenly distributed heat.

If the outdoor unit freezes up, there are several things to check. Mild ice is usually not a concern. The unit should automatically go into defrost mode. However, if the condenser is coated in ice, it will not be able to transfer heat. Check to see if water is dripping onto the unit. Remove the source of leaks. Check the air filter to make sure it is clean. If this doesn’t work, call an HVAC professional for heat pump repairs.

If the unit is blowing cold air, make sure it is in heating mode. Check thermostat settings. Verify that the outside unit is free of ice. If these methods don’t work, call for service.

All Seasons Service Network Heat Pump Repairs

All Seasons Service Network has provided comprehensive heating and cooling services in the Pensacola area for more than 50 years. We listen carefully to your description of the problem and thoroughly inspect the entire system before recommending solutions.

Our certified technicians work on all brands of heating and cooling equipment. We also offer 24-hour emergency repairs. If you are experiencing heating problems with your unit, call 850-637-8479 to schedule service.