The level of comfort a person feels in their home depends largely on the level of relative humidity inside the residence. Knowing what conditions are ideal for your family helps prevent illness and keeps your air conditioning unit, air cleaner, humidifier or dehumidifier in optimal working order. This short guide to relative humidity explains what it is and how it affects your home.

What is Relative Humidity?

Relative Humidity (RH) refers to the ratio of vapor and vapor pressure of water at different temperatures. The pressure system involved helps determine how much water vapor is needed to achieve high relative humidity. When temperatures are lower, less water vapor is necessary. When temperatures rise, it takes more water vapor to keep relative humidity levels high.

How Does It Affect Your Home?

Maintaining ideal levels of relative humidity in the home has its benefits. First, it improves indoor air quality by creating ideal conditions to live. High humidity levels are a breeding ground for germs that cause allergies and respiratory conditions.

Poor indoor air quality can also cause headaches, nausea, rashes, heat stroke, muscle pain, and rapid heartbeat. Ensuring that a home with high humidity has undergone steps for proper dehumidification is essential. Hiring a technician to service air conditioning and heating units is an investment in you and your family’s health and overall well-being.

Home energy bills skyrocket when units aren’t serviced and maintained regularly. Having a technician measure the amount of relative humidity inside your house is the first step in reducing your electric bill. It will also preserve the lifespan of the air cleaner, humidifier or dehumidifier that you’ve invested money in is another advantage of having a professional make improvements to the indoor air quality of your residence.

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