Although the brunt of your HVAC activity in Pensacola will take place during the summer months, it is important to remember that chilly conditions and even snow can occur in the area, meaning that reliable equipment is important throughout the year. Being ready for both heavy and intermittent HVAC activity is important, and regular inspections can minimize your risk of difficulty when you turn your equipment on. An HVAC maintenance plan is an affordable approach to keeping track of the condition of your system.

Countering Normal Wear with an HVAC Maintenance Plan

A maintenance plan ensures that your regular tune-ups will be scheduled and completed in a timely manner that is consistent with area weather trends. If you operate separate units for heating and cooling, you will need to have each one serviced prior to the start of the relevant season in which it is operated. If you use a heat pump for both heating and cooling, a yearly inspection and tune-up is typically sufficient. A tune-up can counteract the normal efficiency loss of approximately 5 percent that occurs each year because of regular heating and cooling activity. It also allows your technician to identify broken or worn system components that could lead to the need for heat pump repair later in the year.

Getting the Most Out of Your System

An HVAC maintenance plan can extend the life of your equipment as you address problems before they become serious. Failure to service your system each year could increase your risk of an early equipment failure, an event that could be costly and unexpected. Your maintenance visit can also keep your costs to operate your home comfort system to a minimum. Issues such as dirty coils can add 20 percent or more to your cooling costs. Low refrigerant levels can increase costs as well. As your technician makes adjustments and minor repairs, you may be surprised at the change in your heating and cooling bills. You’ll also appreciate the reduction in situations such as heat pump repair.

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