Summer is coming fast, which means in a few short weeks, you’ll be turning off the heat and firing up your trusty air conditioner. But here’s a question for you: what kind of shape is your AC in? Have you been taking the necessary steps to maintain it properly? If you haven’t, how can you be sure your air conditioner is operating at maximum efficiency?

An efficient AC uses less energy, and less energy means less money spent on cooling your home. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the actions you can take to ensure your air conditioner runs as effectively as possible.

Check and Change Your Filters

Your filters are like the bouncers of your air conditioning system. They let the cool air flow through, and they stop the troublemakers — allergens and debris — from getting into your system and traveling throughout your home. But they can only work for so long until they become too dirty to be effective. Regularly changing your AC filters can keep your system running at peak performance.

Keep Your Condenser Shaded

Imagine you’re digging a ditch in your backyard. Would you rather do it with the sun beating down on you, or do it in the shade? You’d probably choose the shade, because the heat of the sun makes the work feel a whole lot more difficult. The same concept applies to your AC condenser. By placing it in a location that is more shaded, you’re not only reducing the amount of stress you’re putting on the unit, you’re also making it easier for the condenser to pull in and cool outside air.

Clean Out Your Condensate Drain Line

One of the more important — yet often forgotten — AC repairs you can perform is cleaning out your condensate drain line. The phrase “condensate drain line” doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, but it has a very important job: it reduces the humidity in your home and deposits the excess moisture outside. Keeping this line clear of debris will go a long way in helping your AC run at its best.

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