Maintaining your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system does several things. It keeps the unit working efficiently, which reduces wear and tear. It identifies small problems before they become major problems. It reduces fuel consumption, resulting in lower utility bills. Most importantly, it provides reassurance. You know that your HVAC system is operating safely to provide a comfortable indoor environment in your Florida panhandle business or residence.

Create a Heating Maintenance Plan

One of the best ways to make sure your heating and air conditioning unit works efficiently is to clean or change the filter at least every three months. Dirty filters are the primary reason that a unit stops working. Usually this task can be done by a homeowner. For complex systems or filters in hard-to-reach places, call a professional HVAC contractor.

Furnace maintenance should be scheduled before first use in the fall, and air conditioner maintenance should be scheduled before first use in the spring. Following this simple schedule reduces the likelihood that the system will fail when you need it most.

Elements of a Maintenance Checkup

During a tune-up, a licensed service technician should check all elements of the HVAC system, including electrical contacts, thermostat and condensate lines. The technician will oil all moving parts and make sure the unit cycles properly.

For furnace checkups, the technician will examine the housing, plenum and vent pipes. For oil and gas units, the combustion system, burners, ignition and heat exchanger will be examined. The technician should also check for carbon monoxide, a clear, odorless gas that can be deadly. For air conditioning maintenance, the technician will check refrigerant levels, adjust blowers and clean the coils.

All Seasons Service Network

Even the best-maintained system occasionally stops working. All Seasons Service Network has provided air conditioning and heating repair, new HVAC installation and seasonal maintenance for more than 50 years. We service all makes and models of equipment. We also offer 24-hour emergency service when you need immediate response.

To schedule a fall tune-up for your residential or commercial heating system, call 850-637-8479. We offer annual maintenance agreements that will keep your air conditioning and heating maintenance plan on track.