The condensate line removes the water that your AC extracts from indoor air. Moisture collects in the drain pan beneath the evaporator coil before exiting through the condensate line drain pipe. The drain pipe leads from your AC’s indoor unit to a spot near the outdoor unit. Water should be dripping from the drain pipe whenever your air conditioner is running.

The Line Can Get Clogged

If the AC is running but no water is dripping, the line may be clogged. Without annual air conditioning maintenance, the drain line can easily become overrun with algae and other contaminants. That sludge can block the drain line and trap moisture in your air conditioner.

A Clogged Condensate Line Can Cause Property Damage

Moisture that collects in the drain pan eventually overflows. It can create puddles around your AC’s indoor unit, back up into the walls of your Pensacola home and invade your drywall. The moisture can cause ceiling leaks and even create a fire hazard.

Clogs Can Damage Your Air Conditioner

The AC coils can ice up and shut down the system. Indoor humidity levels can rise. Sometimes, the drain line isn’t blocked, but the drain pan is corroded, cracked or rusted. That can cause AC problems as well.

Indoor Air Quality Can Suffer

The dark and moist environment of the drain line and the drain pan can foster the growth of microbes. Water in the drain pan can get slimy with bacteria and emit a foul odor. As conditioned air circulates through the system, it can absorb those microbes and blow them into your home.

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