Winters in Pensacola, FL, aren’t as severe as winters in Pensacola, OK, but when the temperatures start to fall, you want to make sure your home stays warm. Since heating accounts for about 45 percent of the energy costs in the average U.S. home, you don’t want to pay for heat that escapes through doors, windows and attics.

Rather than cranking up the thermostat, you can save money and energy by winterizing your home. Insulation and weather stripping are two ways to increase the energy efficiency of your home and decrease the load on your heater.


A 1/8-inch gap under your 36-inch-wide front door may not seem like much, but concerning cold air flowing into your home, it’s the equivalent of having a 2.4-inch-diameter hole in your wall. Air leaks around windows typically account for 10 percent of heat loss in a home. Weatherstripping around doors and windows cuts down on the exchange of warm air for cold air. You can lower your thermostat with confidence, knowing you’ll be heating your home instead of the great outdoors.


Attics and walls account for about 60 percent of heat loss in your home. Insulation’s effectiveness decreases if it gets wet or damaged; it also tends to sag or settle 10 to 15 years after installation. Additionally, many older homes weren’t insulated as well as they are today. With 92 percent of Pensacola homes built before 1990, insulating your home is an energy-efficient solution that helps your heater work smarter, not harder.

By taking a few hours to winterize your home, you can cut your heating expenses by up to 30 percent and increase your home’s energy efficiency. You’ll also reduce the workload on your heater, which means you’ll increase its lifespan. To learn more about how we can keep you warm when winter arrives in Pensacola, check out the heating services we offer at All Seasons Service Network or call us at (850) 434-0384.