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Heating and air conditioning information can sometimes be confusing. At All Seasons, we want to help you understand the world of heating and cooling so that you can make a knowledgeable decision when choosing an HVAC system in the Pensacola area. We can supply data on local weather patterns, correctly determine the size your residential or commercial system should be and provide a wealth of other information that helps you become an informed consumer. We encourage you to contact us anytime. To us, there is no such thing as a trivial question. We appreciate all inquiries and are here to help.

Common Air Conditioning Problems

Because HVAC units have mechanical parts, you can be certain problems will arise from time to time. You can fix some problems yourself. Other common air conditioning problems, however, require the services of a qualified HVAC contractor such as All Seasons. Listed below are a few problems and their possible solutions:

  • Your heat pump constantly runs in the winter. In cold weather, it is normal for your heat pump to run constantly. If the temperature is above 35 degrees, however, you could have a problem. Check your outside unit to see if it is frozen or has debris piled against it; make sure no circuit breakers are tripped. If your outdoor unit is fine, you could have a refrigerant problem, bad valves or your compressor may not be operating; these problems require the services of a professional.
  • Your humidifier is not working. Make sure it has enough water, the bypass damper and water valve are open, and the water panel or pad is not clogged. A bad humidistat, motor or valve; faulty or shorted-out wiring; a malfunctioning float; and a clogged drain or orifice all require professional attention.
  • Your air conditioner does not cool. Make sure all filters are clean, windows are closed, vents are open and your humidifier is working. If the problem is not solved with these solutions, contact a professional because you may have a problem with your refrigerant, bad valves, a faulty metering device or leaky air ducts.

Helpful Tips

One thing most consumers agree on is that they want to save money whenever possible. The following helpful tips will keep your finances and your HVAC system in good shape throughout the year.

  • Make sure the thermostat is set to the proper function when the seasons change.
  • Use an outdoor grill or the microwave during the summer to reduce the demand on your air conditioner.
  • Opt for a programmable thermostat to keep your indoor environment a consistent temperature.
  • Open blinds, drapes and curtains on sunny days and let the sun help warm your home during the winter.
  • Schedule an annual tune-up for your furnace, air conditioner or heat pump to ensure it is operating at its optimal performance.

For more air conditioner troubleshooting information, check out our blog and video series. At All Seasons, we are here to help you have the most comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient home possible.


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