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One of Florida’s oldest cities, Milton was incorporated in 1844. The city likely owes its present name to the lumber mills that were such a key part of its early economy; it became known as Milltown, which was later shortened to Milton. Certainly, that’s a more flattering moniker than the community’s earliest name; because of the brambles and briars that once grew along the river banks, the village was known as Scratch Ankle.

The Civil War was a major setback for Milton, as much of the local industry was destroyed to keep it from falling into the hands of advancing Union forces. In the 1880s, though, the arrival of the railroad in the area spurred new growth. The timber industry returned to Milton in force, and the many small towns that sprung up along the tracks made cotton and peanut farming major industries as well.

Milton suffered another major setback when a fire destroyed almost the entire town in 1909, but an aggressive rebuilding effort restored the community quickly. Around World War II, the timber industry entered decline, but the increased needs of the military led to the construction of N.A.S. Whiting Field north of the city. Today, Whiting and its associated fields are a huge part of the Milton community.


Milton is located in northwest Florida’s Santa Rosa County, right on the banks of the Blackwater River. The city limits enclose 4.6 square miles in total, 4.4 of which are land.


Over 8,000 people call Milton home, making it the county’s largest community. All of those residents depend on great heating and air conditioning services to stay comfortable throughout the year.


Milton is one of Florida’s most historic communities, and local residents take great pride in that history. An especially noteworthy link to the past is the Western Florida Railroad Museum, built on the site of one of Milton’s first railroad depots. In addition to its gallery, library and archives, the museum connects with the community by sponsoring two model railroad clubs.

One of the area’s top outdoor destinations is Adventures Unlimited. Canoeing, kayaking and tubing are all available at this campground on the banks of Coldwater Creek.


Families in Milton are part of the Santa Rosa County school district. Milton High School is one of the oldest secondary schools in the state, with a history stretching back to 1915.


Like most of the Gulf Coast, Milton has a warm, humid climate. July highs frequently hit the 90s, and January lows may dip below 40 degrees. To stay cool all year long, Milton residents depend on great home heating and cooling systems.

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At All Seasons, we know that living in Florida means depending on great air conditioning all year long, and we believe that great air conditioners need great service. That’s why we offer comprehensive heating, ventilation and air conditioning services throughout Milton and the surrounding area. Whether you need a whole system for a newly constructed home or an upgrade for an aging, inefficient air conditioner, our installation team is ready to help. Since even the best systems need some ongoing care, we offer annual preventive maintenance, and when there’s an issue, our air conditioning repair team is available 24/7.

We’re proud to sell products for a top brand like Carrier. We bring our specialized knowledge for all Carrier products to every service visit. Our technicians are some of the best in the business and have the training and expertise needed to repair and maintain all makes and models of heat pumps and air conditioners. We pledge to arrive on time for every service visit and always clean up before we leave a customer’s home.


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